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Unified Messaging

Simplify your organisation’s message retrieval and allow employees to access and manage their voicemail, fax, and email messages from one synchronised message store, using the device that suits them best.

We can also simplify call flow with sophisticated and easy-to-use call handling features such as auto attendant which allow incoming callers to quickly locate and speak to the right person.

The business benefits

Increase productivity

Centralised message management stores voicemail, email and fax messages in one location for quick retrieval.

Improve customer responsiveness

New messages are stored centrally enabling a quick response.

Improve call handling

Direct callers to the correct department with an easy to use auto-attendant, with options for speech recognition and an internal directory which allows colleagues to connect by simply speaking their name.

How we help

We bring together different technologies to create a unified communications experience across your users, smoothly migrating your business to a more collaborative environment that supports how you want to work today.

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