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Price Information

Caller Display & ISDN Calling Line Identification (CLIP) Changes effective 1st October 2018

Following changes to Ofcom’s General Conditions of Entitlement, which all communications providers must follow to operate in the UK, we are now pleased to offer Caller Display and ISDN CLIP services Free of Charge to our customers. Caller Display and CLIP allow you, as the called party, to receive the telephone number of the person calling you (unless withheld), helping you screen unwanted calls. If you already have this service, you do not need to do anything, we will automatically adjust your current pricing so that the service is free of charge from the 1st October 2018. If you do not have this service enabled and would like to receive it please contact support on 0345 034 6622 or email with your request.

Note: To use this feature you will need a compatible telephone handset with Caller Display capability. If you have a telephone system / PBX installed you may need to contact your PBX maintainer to ensure your system is programmed to present the calling number on your handsets. Depending on your maintenance agreement, programming changes may be deemed as chargeable.

Changes to Directory Entry Pricing from 1st February 2017

Further to price increases made by Openreach, the following pricing will come into effect from the 1st February 2017.

Charge Description Monthly charge (ex VAT)
BT Dir Entry - Ordinary Local £21.00
BT Dir Entry - Out of Area £21.00
BT Dir Entry - Bold - Local £40.00
BT Dir Entry - S/bold - Local £65.00

The above charges are for additional Directory listings only.  You will receive one free Directory listing with every line rental.