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NTE Aware

93% of all data breaches are caused by phishing or other forms of social engineering which target your employees (Verizon Data Breach Investigation Report 2018). 

NTE Aware is an online training platform for employees, taking staff through a typical cyber-attack journey supported by expert advice. Configure the platform in under 2-3 hours, kick off training campaigns, knowledge assessment quizzes and simulated attacks in minutes.

Cyber attacks can seriously damage your business credibility.  Incorporating Aware into your employee training program demonstrates your commitment to protecting your business data and meeting your legal and regulatory requirements.  


Phishing simulations

Use library templates of "known-to-work" phishing emails or create your own custom phishing templates.  Track user activity to assess the level of phishing risk in your business.  In addition, an alert button allows employees to flag suspicious emails.

Security awareness training

Raise employee cyber security awareness and equip your team with the tools to identify threats and prevent attacks.

Real-time intervention awareness

Create security awareness content on the platform such as snippets of security policies, tips and warnings. This content can then be sent to an employee in response to an alarm having detected their risky behaviour.

Cyber knowledge assessments

Assess the level of risk using our cyber knowledge risk assessment quizzes.  Assessment results help your business to demonstrate compliance to legal and regulatory requirements or when trying to achieve a “meets requirements” result in an internal or external audit. 

Risk & compliance reporting

Quickly produce reports that measure and track security compliance in order to achieve a “meet requirements” result in an internal audit or an external review such as IS027001, NIST, Cyber Essentials, GDPR, UK Data Protection, Irish Data Protection to name but a few.

When it comes to defending businesses from ransomware, 36% of SMBs said employee training is the second most effective method, following closely behind backup and recovery solutions (Datto's 2018 Ransomware Report). 

NTE Aware provides a simple, easy to consume service that allows you to focus on your business outcomes, safe in the knowledge that your staff are confident when it comes to potential cyber threats.

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