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NTE Assess

How secure is your business? 20% of all network vulnerabilities discovered are identified as being a high or critical risk (Edgescan Vulnerability Report 2018). 

NTE Assess offers SMBs peace of mind that their continuing efforts to secure their business is working.

The assessment process will help find, prioritise and remediate vulnerabilities in your company network and websites.  The service highlights areas of concern and suggests improvements in your business infrastructure, procedures and policies to protect your business and meet your legal and regulatory requirements.

The business benefits

Understand your risk

Our analysts will identify and classify systems, applications and data, helping you to understand how vulnerable your critical assets are to cyber-attacks.

Understand your security requirements

The review will highlight the capability of your internal and external defences to detect, limit and withstand the latest cyber threats, enabling key stakeholders to clearly understand your organisation's security requirements.

Prioritise risk

We prioritise your organisation’s cyber security risks to highlight those requiring greatest attention, allowing your business to focus attention on areas of most concern.

Protect your assets

We provide support to help remediate any identified risks helping your business to reduce its exposure to cyber threats and meet its legal and regulatory requirements.

The assessment process

Using a range of tools we will analyse your organisation’s network, inside and out. Our experienced security professionals will review the results of vulnerability scans and produce a clear summary report which makes key recommendations to improve network security in your business.

  • External perimeter testing identifies all systems and applications that are visible to the internet, checking to ensure that they are suitability hardened to prevent access to your organisation’s internal network.
  • Internal network testing identifies and classifies your organisation’s internal assets and assesses their weaknesses to determine ease of compromise.
  • Website assessment identifies any vulnerability affecting your organisation’s website, including SQL and cross-site scripting problems, flaws in application logic and file inclusion errors.

4 in 10 businesses have experienced a cyber-breach in the past 12 months (Gov UK 2018) despite this, only 14% of businesses rate their ability to mitigate cyber risks, vulnerabilities and attacks as highly effective (Small Biz Trends 2018). Ensure your business is staying one step ahead of cyber threats, analyse your network today. 

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