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Protect your business

Fraud Monitor

Fraud Monitor is a 24/7/365 phone line monitoring service offered to every customer. Fraud Monitor alerts your business to high value calls made across your services so that you can take corrective action to protect your business. 

Phone fraud is any unauthorised telecoms use. Most common is 'dial through' fraud, where a hacker gains access to your phone system or voice network and runs up expensive charges on your phone bill. Phone fraud costs UK companies £1.5bn per annum with the average hack costing around £10,000. Up to 84% of UK businesses are considered vulnerable and unfortunately most companies only become aware of the issue after they have become a victim.

Fraud Monitor allows your business to quickly spot and stop phone fraud in its tracks.

Business Continuity

Disruptions to your business can happen at any moment. Our experts offer practical advice on protecting your business-critical functions should you lose service or have site related issues.  For example:

Service Level Agreements (SLA) provide agreed network response and fix times.


Auto Failover to an alternative internet connection or 3/4G service should you lose connectivity.


Quickly divert your call traffic to another destination in minutes via SIP Trunking.


Hosted Voice and Mobile Convergence allow employees to work from home when travel to the office is not possible.

For advice about monitoring and protecting your business