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Instant Messaging & Presence

Presence is a softphone application which allows everyone in the organisation to see at a glance who is busy or on a call.

If colleagues are shown as busy you don’t have to wait for them to finish their call or meeting – just send an Instant Message. Chat sessions are logged and stored for easy retrieval.

Simple applications to quickly and efficiently connect your employees and improve customer response times.

The business benefits

Employee visibility

Instantly see a visual status of who is free, busy or on a call and spend less time playing telephone tag.

Faster responses

No waiting around – just send an instant message to a colleague allowing them to respond even when they are showing as in a meeting or on the phone.

Keep in touch

Update your availability automatically from your calendar so colleagues can instantly locate your whereabouts.

How we help

We bring together different technologies to create a unified communications experience across your users, smoothly migrating your business to a more collaborative environment that supports how you want to work today.

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