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Create a digital workplace

The days of a physical office with regular hours are disappearing as the always connected, instant access economy continues to blur the lines between work and home, professional and personal life for most employees. 

To attract and retain the best talent, your business needs to create a supportive digital workplace that accurately reflects your employees changing work experience and provides the responsive service that your customers demand.

Our solutions join up your office phones, mobiles and other devices to enable flexible working from any location.   Integrate email, voicemail, instant messaging and virtual meeting tools to further break down communication barriers and transform your employee and customer user experience.  Creating a flexible and collaborative work environment that allows your business to thrive.

The technology mix:

Hosted Voice (VoIP)

A flexible and scalable phone system in the cloud. Packed with all the features you would expect, Hosted Voice allows your employees to work wherever they have an internet connection.

Mobile convergence

Integrate your mobile phones with your IP telephony to create a consistent and unified experience on whichever device you are using.

Unified messaging

Access your voicemail, fax and email messages from one handy centralised location.

Instant messaging and presence

See who is on the phone or busy and send an instant message - no more waiting around. Make faster decisions and improve organisational responsiveness with these handy tools.


Connect team members no matter where they are working with quick, simple and cost effective 'meet-me' conferences.

Start your digital transformation today.