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Simplifying technology for SMBs

Steve Hood, NTE Client Services Manager, shares his tips to help SMB Owners and Managers select and deliver simple and smart technology services for their business.

Company performance is becoming synonymous with the ability to use technology not just to function, but to maximise efficiency, revenue, and customer satisfaction.

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) recognise the need to implement smart technology in their business, but for the owner or manager tasked with making this happen there can be significant challenges, which we can summarise as follows:

  1. The increasing complexity of technology solutions.
  2. Translating technology into meaningful business value.
  3. Bringing together different technologies into a working solution.
  4. Limited manpower.
  5. Constrained budgets.

As reliance on technology grows, the pressure on SMB owner/managers from these five challenges will only intensify. 

How do SMB owner/managers make wiser buying decisions?

Choose Simple

This doesn’t mean basic, watered-down features. Rather, it means solutions that are aligned with your requirements.  The focus should always be on what you are trying to achieve. Don’t be distracted from your aim!

Simple also means that it will be easy and fast to set up and manage.  Furthermore, it should be easily scalable to enable future changes or trends in your business. 

Choose Smart

Technology needs to be user-friendly and secure, as well as provide meaningful insights. This allows managers to work and react faster, so that the business in turn can become more agile and achieve results. 

Take wireless connectivity as an example; this should be easy to provision and provide secure and reliable access for users to connect wirelessly to the corporate network, giving them maximum mobility. At the same time, you should retain control and visibility to enforce policies and monitor activities.

Making the right choices

SMBs shouldn’t have to choose between budget and capabilities for their organisation. They need technology that’s simple and secure, that’s easy to manage and does not sacrifice performance for price.

Whether it’s for collaboration, business availability, cloud management, or secure connectivity, NTE’s mission is to simplify technology by focusing on your required outcomes and budgets. With the right advice and guidance technology suddenly becomes simple, scalable and secure.

About Steve Hood

Steve joined NTE in July 2018 as Client Services Manager.  He is driven to unravel technology and help our customers realise the benefits of cloud technologies in their business through simple services, that deliver real business value.